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Angela: Aw, she’s cute when she’s sleeping.

Like Angela said, the Hobgoblin was currently hanging in her binds, fast asleep and snoring away. Angela hummed softly as she approached the slumbering beast, taking a moment to kneel down beside her and dig through a box of goodies that had been left for her use.

Angela: Ooooh, got some really good stuff in here! Hm...might as well start with the classics.

As she stood up, Angela jumped, hearing the Hobgoblin snort and suddenly come awake! The Monster Girl looked around in a bleary daze, but the moment she saw Angela, she squeaked and began to struggle against her bindings.

Hobgoblin: Oh no, not you!

Angela: Oh ho ho! Yes me!

The Hobgoblin shuffled awkwardly, unable to do little more than shuffle her feet slightly as she pouted and refused to meet Angela’s gaze.

Hobgoblin: What do you want?

Angela: Oh, I think we both know what I’m here for.

Hobgoblin: Y-you really don’t have to!

Angela paused and stroked her chin, deep in thought. She couldn’t help giggling when she noticed the way the Hobgoblin was looking at her with a tiny glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Angela: I think I have to, you’ve been really bad.

The Hobgoblin pursed her lips and puffed her cheeks out, refusing to look at Angela.

Hobgoblin: I was not! They were trespassing on my turf!

Angela: Mmm, I guess that’s reasonable...tell you what.

The Hobgoblin perked up, a hopeful grin spreading across her face. It quickly deflated into a look of utter terror when Angela held up a stiff, blue feather.

Angela: I’m gonna tickle your boobies, and if you can keep from laughing for a few minutes, then I’ll let you go.

Hobgoblin:’ll just go away?

Angela: Nope! I’ll tell them to break your Prison and set you free!

The Hobgoblin’s eyes widened and she quickly looked away, deep in thought. After a few moments, she sighed and turned to Angela with a fierce stare.

Hobgoblin: A-alright...b-but just the feather!

Angela: Of course! Just the feather, and just the titties!

Hobgoblin: Okay then, let’s-EEP!

The Hobgoblin quickly clamped her mouth shut, her lips screwing into an intense smile. She quivered and jerked this way and that, desperate to escape the teasing caress of the feather’s soft tip. She shuddered and smothered a cry as Angela traced along the sensitive undersides of her big, trembling breasts. She threw her head back, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes as the feather slid up between her boobs, then slowly back down.

Angela was enraptured watching as the Hobgoblin’s nipples quickly began to pucker as she drew tiny circles just around her areolas. A tiny grin spread across Angela’s face and her tongue slipped out of the corner of her mouth as she suddenly, swiftly returned to teasing the undersides of her breasts.

Angela: Tickle, tickle, tickle! Poor Hobbles, so tender and ticklish!

The Hobgoblin clamped her mouth shut and shook her head defiantly! The Feather’s torturous kiss was maddening! Somehow, the soft, subtle, but persistent touch was eroding her willpower quicker than she’d ever imagined!  She threw her head back again, desperately struggling against her bindings as the feather slowly trailed across the top of her jiggling breast, working its way back down to her swollen tits.

She prayed to every ancient beast she could recall that Angela would leave her stiff nipples alone. Her heart began to pound, her knees trembled and she shuffled her feet as much as she could when the devilish tool began to trace the edges of her areolas once more.

Angela: Koochy koo!

The Hobgoblin jerked and all of her pent up laughter burst free the moment the feather’s stiff tip carelessly brushed against the stiff tip of her tit. The damned human didn’t dare let up with just one caress, no! Like the she-demon she was, she continued to brush the very tippy tip of the Hobgoblin’s tit with small, teasing touches. Each kiss from the feather was worse than the last! In no time at all, the giant goblin was shrieking with high-pitched, girlish squeals and giggles!


Angela: Noooooo, it’s not cheating, it’s playing to win!

Angela: Now, since you lost, let’s see just how ticklish these titties are!

While she continued her careful mechnications, teasing the very tip of the Hobgoblin’s nipple with one feather, Angela quickly retrieved a second, and went to work torturing the squealing beast’s other, neglected tit.

Angela: So, how about you tell me which tickles more. The left…

The redhead emphasized her left hand by twirling the feather, drawing teeny tiny circles on the Monster Girl’s swollen nub.

Angela: Or...the right!

The Hobgoblin’s voice cracked as her laughter rose in volume the moment the new feather touched her neglected nipple. This time, rather than focusing in on the tip, Angela instead focused on every other inch of the swollen nub. Dragging the length of the feather against its tender sides, using the tip to trace around the base, then back up the other side.

The Hobgoblin had never felt something so terrible! Every individual fiber of the feather’s fluffy surface sent an unparalleled shock of ticklish suffering through her body. The restrictive bondage wrapped around her breasts kept her from having any other recourse than to just wiggle helplessly. Tears spilled down her bright red cheeks freely as Angela started another circuit around her tortured titties.


Angela clicked her tongue and stopped, crouching down and digging around in the goodie box.

The hobgoblin huffed and puffed, still giggling softly, but thanking her lucky stars that the human had relented. Her ears perked up, hearing a strange, metallic buzz. She slowly looked up, shaking her head and mouthing “No” over and over when she saw the strange tool Angela had procured. It was some kind of rod, with what looked like a brush head lined with thousands of fine little fibers. The brush end was swirling around on its own, so fast it seemed to blur!

Angela: Now, let’s try this out!

The Hobgoblin screamed and thrashed against the ropes holding her, offering every apology she’d ever heard in her life. They all fell on deaf ears, and quickly evolved into screaming hysterics the moment the spinning bristles came into contact with the tip of her nipple!
Since the Hobgoblin is everyone's favorite new monster, I decided to do a second punish scene for her :) this one is a little more reminiscent of her previous scene.

That means there's a focus on boobs. Enjoy!
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MoonWyvern67 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Are these bonuses going to be in the actual game?
Brewed-War Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Probably :) This one would be easy enough to include, the others I'm still working on the details for. I might make a Bonus Book you can find that just has all of them, or make them unlockable as Achievements or something
MoonWyvern67 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Or maybe they're prizes for optional rematches that happen later on? Or even NG+, if you're willing to go that far.
Brewed-War Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I like this. I like this a lot.
18thSkaven Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Yay. Love the way you write boob scenes. Just top knotch. 
Brewed-War Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Aw thanks! I always worry it's too repetitive :T the word Nipple starts to look funny after a while.
18thSkaven Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Every word does if you use it a lot. lol
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